AirAsia ZERO Booking Processing Fee


BIG Prepaid MasterCard offers AirAsia ZERO Booking Processing Fee, which allows you to enjoy instant cash savings whenever you book your flight on Besides that, you’ll also get RM2* price off for every pre-booked meal and RM2* price off for every pre-booked baggage! 

On top of that, you'll also gain exclusive access to AirAsia Priority Sales!

*Disclaimer: RM2 discounts for pre-booked meal and pre-booked baggage are not applicable for AirAsia Premium Flex bookings.


Go Cashless with Multi-Currency Travel Wallet


Safe, secure and convenient way to carry a multicurrency card, BIG Prepaid MasterCard. Load in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) and lock in up to 5 different currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD & SGD) at great exchange rates! Gone were the days when you need to hide cash in every nook & cranny of your bag, as BIG Prepaid MasterCard can hold up to 6 different currencies in one go! You can also convert the currencies back to MYR at your convenience by logging in to your account.


Earn AirAsia BIG Points & Fly for Free


Earn AirAsia BIG Points when you swipe your BIG Prepaid MasterCard overseas (RM2 = 1 AirAsia BIG Point). Use the AirAsia BIG Points earned to redeem for free AirAsia flights and hotel stays!


Go Virtual


If you fancy online shopping and see no purpose in having a physical card, we have just the right card for you – BIG Prepaid MasterCard Virtual! Skip the hassle of waiting and receive instant confirmation upon application!


BIG Prepaid MasterCard is a customized payment and loyalty card that suits all travelers’ needs! This payment card is all you need when you travel! It is not only a safer alternative to carrying cash, but you are in control of the amount of spending you do! All you need to do is load up, and you're good to go make your mark in the world!

You might wonder why sign up for another card? Well, BIG Prepaid MasterCard is definitely worth your time! This card functions just like other credit and debit cards, but it does not come with a line of credit and is not linked to any bank account. The two card options: Virtual or Plastic will not only offer you the efficiency and flexibility of digital payments through a non-credit payment option but also encourage good financial habits!


Worldwide Acceptance

BIG Prepaid MasterCard is accepted in over 35.9 million locations worldwide for in-store & online shopping.

Safe & Secure

Fund exposure is limited as it is not tied to any bank account. Opt for SMS Alert Service and receive notification for every transaction made.

No Annual Fees, No Interest Charges

It is a prepaid card, not a credit card. Get the convenience of cash in a card without any extra hidden charges.

Manage Account On-The-Go

Quick access to manage your account via with the BIG Prepaid MasterCard customer online management portal. From managing your profile to reloading funds, it is all one click away!