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Studying can be hard – so here’s what we do to make student life easier


We’ll send the card to you, quick & easy


Forget queueing up at the bank – all you need is your phone and your I.C and you’ll get your BigPay card in 7 days!

Split the bill, not your friends


That awkward moment when the brunch bill comes? Nope, not gonna happen with BigPay. Split bills in two taps – easy.

Budgeting is hard, but it shouldn’t be


BigPay’s Analytics tells you where every single cent goes so you can budget better. Now, you’ll just have self-control to deal with!


Do more, worry less with BigPay

Easily track every spend

Get instant notifications after making a payment and easily stay on top of your account balance.

Keep your spending categories under control

Are you spending too much on travel? On coffee? BigPay categorises your expenses so you can easily see how your budget is doing. 

Get rid of all those receipts 

With BigPay, you take a photo of your receipt and upload it to your transaction. No more random papers in your wallet.

Make data work for you the easy way

Extract beautiful statements from the BigPay app to make monthly budgeting a breeze.

Get your BigPay in 5 minutes


Based in Singapore? Sign up with MyInfo via Singpass now!

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