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Frequently Asked Questions


Using Stashes

How do I create a Stash?

Here’s how to create a Stash:

  1. Open your BigPay mobile app

  2. Tap ‘Explore’

  3. Then tap ‘Stashes’

  4. Create a new Stash by giving it name and adding some money to get started.

Can I create more than one Stash?

You can only create one Stash at the moment. We’re working on multiple Stashes to help you organise your money better, so stay tuned!

How do I add and withdraw money from Stashes?
You can add and withdraw money from Stashes in the BigPay app.

➕ Adding money to a Stash

  1. Tap ‘Explore’ in the menu bar and select ‘Stashes’.

  2. Tap the Plus icon next to your Stash balance, then decide how much money to deposit.

  3. Tap 'Next' and we’ll move the money instantly from your BigPay wallet to your Stash.

➖ Withdrawing money from a Stash

  1. Tap ‘Explore’ in the menu bar and select ‘Stashes’.

  2. Tap 'Withdraw', then decide how much money to withdraw.

  3. Tap 'Next' and we’ll move the money instantly into your BigPay wallet.

How do I close my Stash?

Here’s how you can close your Stash:

  1. Tap ‘Explore’ in the menu bar and select ‘Stashes’.

  2. Toggle off ‘Round up payments’. This will stop rounding up the spare change from your purchases and putting it in your Stash.

  3. Tap on ‘Withdraw money' and move your Stash balance to your wallet instantly.

That’s it!

What are the benefits of using Stashes?

Stashes let you organise your money by keeping things separate from your wallet balance.

Create a Stash and use that as your personal space to save money and budget. It helps you track how much you save, just like you can track your spending with our analytics feature.

Stashes is also a great way to protect your money. That’s because you can’t accidentally spend what’s in your Stash. This stops you from blowing your budget and having some emergency funds set aside for rainy days.

You also get instant access to your money whenever you want it, unlike some savings accounts. So if you decide to dip into your Stash to buy something you’ve been saving up for, you can move that money into your wallet balance in seconds to do just that.

Here are some ways Stashes can work for you:

  • Setting aside money for a rainy day

  • Saving up for a holiday or big purchase

  • Storing money you want to send in another currency

  • Planning for bills or other future expenses

Is the money in my Stash protected?

BigPay is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), or the Central Bank of Malaysia. Just like all money you hold in BigPay, money in your Stashes is safe.

How BigPay keeps your money safe 👀

Security | BigPay | We take your money's security and protection seriously.

How much can I save in a Stash?
You can save as much money in a Stash as you like. However, your Stash and wallet balance combined can’t be more than RM20,000 or SGD 5,000 at any one time.

Can I spend the money in my Stash?

No, you can’t directly spend money saved in your Stash. Your Stash balance is kept separate from your wallet to help you save and budget better. This means that you can’t accidentally spend what you put in your Stash.

To use the money you’ve saved, you need to transfer the funds from your Stash to your wallet.

Can I withdraw my Stash balance at any time?

You can move money from your Stash to your wallet whenever you want and without any extra cost. The same goes for adding money to your Stash from your wallet.

Do I get interest with the money I save in a Stash?

For now, you don’t earn interest from your savings with Stashes. We’re working on making this happen, so stay tuned for future updates!

Can BigPay use my money saved in the Stash?

Money that you add into your Stash is yours alone. We won’t use it for any other purposes.

Can I share my Stash with other BigPay users?

At the moment, you can’t share your Stash with other users. Each Stash is individual to each user to add and transfer money into their own accounts. We’re working on letting you share your Stash with friends and family in the future, so stay tuned for that!

Saving more with Round-ups

How do I use Round-ups?

Round-ups help you save as you spend. This means that all card payments will be automatically round up to the nearest Ringgit or Singapore dollar, and that spare change will be put in your Stash.

Imagine this example: 

You buy a butter croissant at the bakery for $1.60.

Thanks to Round-ups, we’ll round up your card purchase to an even $2, and automatically send that $0.40 straight to your Stash

It’s easy—the more you use your BigPay card, the more change you’ll stash away to save more.


Money in a Stash is kept separately from your balance. You can’t accidentally spend it with your debit card, and you can’t send it or use it to pay Direct Debits.

How do I turn on/off Round-ups?

Round-ups is automatically activated the minute you create a Stash.

Here’s how to turn it on or off:

  1. Tap ‘Explore’ and then select ‘Stashes’

  2. Tap the toggle for ‘Round up payments’ to either on or off

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