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Send money to Thailand

for the price of a coffee

With BigPay, every transfer to Thailand will cost a fixed fee of RM13.00. Goodbye hidden fees, hello transparency.


Download the FREE BigPay app to send money to Thailand. Your 1st transfer is free!

Enjoy a smarter exchange rate

We believe in being smart about your money. No one wants to pay an unfavorable exchange rate - that’s why we’ve made sure to give you our most competitive exchange rate. This means that you’ll pay less, and your recipient will get more.

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Transfer money easily

Who thought you could transfer money to a bank account in Thailand from the comfort of your phone? We do! That’s what you get when using BigPay. 🙂

Make transfers using a tool you trust

We take security very seriously and we want you to know you’re in very safe hands.


That’s why when using BigPay you’ll have every detail of every transaction - down to the time your recipient in Thailand will get their money!


We take transparency to the next level. 😎 Get your free account now.


BigPay Telegram

Daily Exchange Rate updates for International Bank transfers

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