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Send money to Europe

without breaking the bank

Sending money to Europe should be like travelling across Europe. Fast, easy and very, very affordable. ​😉

That's because with BigPay, every transfer to Europe is now FREE.

Download the BigPay app now to send money to Europe!

Enjoy a competitive exchange rate

We don’t believe in hidden fees or excessive mark-ups. With BigPay, you’ll get a competitive exchange rate and everything displayed upfront. This means that you’ll pay less, and your recipient will get more.


Complete your transfer in 2 minutes

Forget about filling out forms and driving to the bank. When you transfer money from your BigPay account to Europe, all you need is your phone and your recipient’s bank details. Now that’s what we call convenience. 😎

Track every step of the process

We believe in full transparency: you’ll see exactly when your money leaves your bank account, what fees you’ll pay and when the receiver will get your money - all on one screen!


Get your free account now.

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BigPay Telegram

Daily Exchange Rate updates for International Bank transfers

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