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Send money to China

in just 15 minutes

Tired of spending 11% of your transfer on your bank? With BigPay, we give you great exchange rates, a fixed fee and your money will reach your recipient in just 15 minutes!


Download the FREE BigPay app to send money to China. Your 1st transfer is free!


Great exchange rate

We believe in being smart about your money. We work hard to keep our exchange rate competitive.


We charge a fixed fee, so no matter whether you’re sending RM1,000 or RM10,000, the fee will remain the same!


This means that the more you send, the more money you will save!


Speedy transfers directly from your phone

What if sending money to China was exactly four taps away?


All you need is your recipient’s Alipay ID and name. Your money will be sent to the UnionPay card account linked to their Alipay account. It’ll only take 15 minutes!

Track every step of the process

We believe in full transparency: you’ll see exactly when your money leaves your bank account, what fees you’ll pay and when the receiver will get your money - all on one screen!


Get your free account now.


BigPay Telegram

Daily Exchange Rate updates for International Bank transfers

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