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You Can Now Send Money to the United Kingdom and Europe With BigPay!

Hey BigPay fam,

The wait is over — You can now send money to The United Kingdom and 34 countries in Europe!

We know how challenging it’s been the past two years to see your loved ones. That’s why we’re constantly making borderless banking more accessible and affordable, so that when you can’t be there, your money can.

To sweeten this deal even more, transfer fees are 100% free for all UK and EU transactions for a limited time.

No minimum or maximum amount necessary!

The following are countries in The United Kingdom you can send money to with BigPay:

  1. England

  2. Scotland

  3. Wales

  4. Northern Ireland

The following are countries in The European Union you can send money to with BigPay:

  1. Austria

  2. Belgium

  3. Bulgaria

  4. Croatia

  5. Cyprus

  6. Czech Republic

  7. Denmark

  8. Estonia

  9. Finland

  10. France

  11. Germany

  12. Greece

  13. Hungary

  14. Iceland

  15. Ireland

  16. Italy

  17. Latvia

  18. Liechtenstein

  19. Lithuania

  20. Luxembourg

  21. Malta

  22. Monaco

  23. Netherlands

  24. Norway

  25. Poland

  26. Portugal

  27. Romania

  28. San Marino

  29. Slovakia

  30. Slovenia

  31. Spain

  32. Sweden

  33. Switzerland

  34. Vatican City

How do I send money abroad?

Step 1: On your BigPay app, tap ‘Explore’, then ‘International Transfer’

Step 2: Key in the amount you’d like to send

Step 3: Select the currency you want your money to be received in

Step 4: Fill in your recipient’s details

Step 5: Hit send!

3 reasons why you’ll love sending money overseas with BigPay:

1. Easy and hassle-free

No need to fill in tedious forms and wait hours in line at the bank because sending money abroad is a 100% digital process with BigPay.

All you need are your recipient’s details and the BigPay app.

2. Affordable exchange rates

At BigPay, there are no hidden fees applied to our international bank transfer exchange rates.

We have one of the most competitive exchange rates in the market so you can keep more of your money as it makes its way to the other side of the world.

3. Quick transfer time

Traditional telegraphic bank transfers often take several business days. At BigPay, international transfers are completed much faster, sometimes even instantly!

4. It’s free

All transfer fees to The United Kingdom and European Union are free for a limited time. 😍

For transfers to other countries, BigPay only charges you a flat rate — no matter how much you send. It’s one of the cheapest ways to send money internationally!

Head on over to your BigPay app to send money to your loved ones in the UK and EU now!

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