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You can now send money to Australia with BigPay

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We introduced the International Bank Transfers feature in 2019 with the mission to make financial inclusion a reality for everyone. Since then we’ve added new corridors such as India, Nepal, and Bangladesh to help your money travel further.

With the restrictions on movements and global travels in these unprecedented times, you might not get to see your loved ones, it’s tough, we get it. That’s why we want to make borderless banking much more convenient and affordable for you to send money to your family and loved ones.

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can send money to Australia with BigPay. 🎉

Say goodbye to long and complicated processes when you send money abroad. You can now transfer money internationally with just a few clicks on your BigPay app and enjoy affordable and transparent fees. Exactly the way it should be.

You can’t travel right now, but your money can ✈️

We know many of you have been asking when can you send money to Australia, well say no more because now you can. 😉

Whether you are parents with children studying abroad, have family living abroad, a foreigner in Malaysia who needs to send money back home, or looking to make a one-off International Bank Transfer to Australia, this is for you.

Affordable, transparent, convenient 👋

We care about your financial well being and want the best for you when it comes to money. We understand the pain of paying too much just to send money abroad, so we made sure you can save money by choosing to send money abroad with BigPay vs your bank. How so? Check out the comparison below 👇

We charge a fixed transfer fee RM 15 to Australia. That’s saving a lot of money compared to the average banks in Malaysia. With BigPay, we guarantee affordable and transparent transfer fees so you can have peace of mind. 😊

I have never transferred money overseas, how does this work?

Head on over to your Payments tab on your BigPay app and select International Bank Transfer. Next, choose the country you’d like to send money to and key in the amount. Once that’s done, we’ll show you how much the transfer will cost.

You will need to enter the recipient details. Protip: Always double check that you have the accurate details. Once you’ve gotten the rates, all that’s left to do is pay for the amount of the transfer and sit back, we’ll do the rest of the work for you. You’ll also receive a receipt when your transfer is complete.

Questions you may have ❓

1. How long does my transfer take?

Once you’ve completed the steps to make your transfer, we’ll process your transfer and quickly send your money out to your recipient. If you’ve done a transfer before 12 PM on a weekday, the recipient may receive it as quickly one working day after we’ve sent it out. If the transfer is done after 12 PM on a weekday, it’ll take up to two working days. If you’ve made transfers over the weekend or public holidays, a similar duration of one working day is required for the transfer to take place.

2. What other countries can I send money to?

If you’d like to see where else you can send money to, check it out here. We’re working on adding more to the list, stay tuned. 😎

If you have more questions about International Bank Transfers, you can get more information here.

Your first transfer is fee-free 🎉

You got that right, if this is your first international transfer with us, we’re waiving the transfer fees. 🙌 So what are you waiting for?

Talk to us

This feature is available on the App Store or Google Play. Try this feature and let us know what you think. Drop us a comment or a private message on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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