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Can I withdraw money from BigPay?

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Answer: Yes, you can withdraw money with your BigPay card like any bank card. 💪 Just look for the nearest ATM that has the Mastercard logo on it. To look for Mastercard supported ATMs, click here. 👈

Cash withdrawals in Malaysia will cost you RM6 and RM10 if you're abroad.

How do I withdraw money from BigPay?

Easy! 😎 It's the same as withdrawing money from your bank card. Head to the nearest Mastercard supported ATM, insert your BigPay card, enter your card PIN and make a cash withdrawal.

Withdrawing money abroad ✈️

You won't have to notify us if you want to use your BigPay card abroad.

On top of the RM10 we charge for international withdrawals, some ATMs may charge you extra. In Thailand for instance, ATMs charge an extra 200 THB when you withdraw cash with your card. 💸

Whenever the ATM asks if you would like to pay in the local or Malaysian ringgit, you should always choose to pay in the local currency. This makes sure that we can convert your money at the best rate instead of the ATM provider. 😉 For more information about using BigPay abroad, click here.

TIP: When in Indonesia, withdraw money from Mandiri, CIMB Niaga or Maybank. The BigPay community have reported issues with other ATMs.

An example of a cash withdrawal transaction
An example of a cash withdrawal transaction on BigPay

How much money can I withdraw from my BigPay card?

You can withdraw up to RM10,000 or 10 successful ATM cash withdrawals, whichever limit you reach first.

Additionally, the ATM you withdraw money from will also have its own limit depending on individual banks.


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