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Why users love the BigPay User Experience

And the secret sauce is...

Okay, we’re not actually talking about sauce here, but we are talking about the sauce to keeping our users happy.

Gone are the days we rely on word of mouth referrals to fish out good reviews. Getting on board with a product or service for the first time? You’re bound to go online and look up some reviews. You know it, we know it.

So we made your life easier by compiling reviews about BigPay and sharing why users love their experiences with us.

I felt like I was talking to a friend, not a stranger 🤠

People take their jobs seriously in providing good services to their customers 🔥

I had a good experience 👍

“Thought its gonna be a hassle to chat with you guys, but it turns out otherwise” 💬

“Never made me feel that I was being a nuisance” 🤗

Good to talk to a human 💁‍♀️

Are you a wizard? Magician? You worked your magic 🎩

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