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Why BigPay should be your travel essential, according to users

If you're still wondering whether you should get that blue card you're seeing everywhere for your travels, look no further. We've got our users to share their BigPay experience with you. Check it out.👇

1. "The exchange rates are just incredible"

Welcome to a world where you only pay the real exchange rate 📈 and nothing else. Sounds crazy but it actually exist in every BigPay card. 🤩

Unlike banks we don't charge any currency conversion or service fees. That means every time you use your BigPay card, you're sure to get the best rates!

2. BigPay anytime anywhere!

L W.'s right, you can use your BigPay card anywhere that accepts Mastercard. That's over 40 million merchants worldwide! So enjoy hassle-free shopping with the best rates.

P.S You don't need to let us know when you're travelling overseas to be able to use BigPay. 😉

3. Need cash? No problem

Simply withdraw money from your BigPay card at any ATM overseas that has the Mastercard logo on it. Gone are the days of queuing up at the money changer. 🙌

4. Keep track of your spending without lifting a finger

Leave the expense tracking to us, go ahead and enjoy your holiday. And at the end of your trip, you'll get a trip summary like the one above. Cool right? 😎

5. No money? Ask your BF to help

If your boyfriend, family or friends have BigPay too, they can send money to you instantly so you can keep on travelling.

The best part? These transfers are completely free.


With BigPay, you can freeze your BigPay card in-app if it's gone missing. You can also always unfreeze your card once you've found it again. A quick tap on the app is all you need to do.

7. And let's be honest, it's a great photo prop

Feeling convinced? Download BigPay now.

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