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What’s New in the Latest Stashes Update?

Hey BigPay fam,

We have so many exciting features in the latest Stashes update!

Saving towards your financial goals has never been easier.

In case you need a quick recap, Stashes lets you organise your money by keeping things separate from your BigPay wallet balance. Use it as your personal space to save money and budget.

Check out this article to learn more about how to open a Stash.

Here’s what’s new in Stashes:

Customise and create multiple stashes

You can now create multiple Stashes! Whether it’s saving for your mum’s birthday present, a new sofa, or a much-needed trip to Bali, create multiple Stashes to help you organise your money.

You can also customise up to 10 Stashes by uploading photos to help you visualise your goals and stay on track.

Set savings goals and deadlines

How much are you aiming to save for each Stash? Let’s say, RM2000 for a brand new sofa, RM100 for mum’s birthday present, and RM3000 for that Bali trip.

Set savings goals and deadlines (this is optional, by the way), to help you stay on track.

Our latest update also comes with a progress bar to keep you motivated and consistently working towards your savings goals.

When you’ve reached your savings target, you can opt to increase your goal or set a new one.

Round up boosters

Round-up savings are based on the principle that small amounts of money can add up to big savings over time.

Let’s say you order a kopi ais for RM2.50. If you round that up to the nearest dollar, in this case, RM3, you’ll have 50 cents remaining in change that you can put towards savings.

While 50 cents may not sound like much, this adds up to RM182.50 over the course of a year. That’s just from kopi ais alone!

In the latest Stashes update, you can now activate Round up booster. This means you can boost your round ups and save more by adding a little extra with every transaction — in this case, RM2, RM5, or RM10.

Following the same kopi ais example, you could save an extra RM730 just by boosting your round up to RM2!

At the present, only one Stash at the time can have Round ups turned on. For example, having Round ups turned on for your Bali Stash will turn it off for your new sofa Stash. Simply pick your preferred Stash then turn the Round ups toggle on or off.

Round ups with DuitNow

In the first version of Stashes, Round ups only worked with payments through the BigPay card.

In the latest update, we’re happy to announce that Round ups now work with payments through DuitNow as well!

BigPay is fully integrated with DuitNow, which is used almost everywhere nationwide.

Lock Stash

We’ve all been guilty of dipping into money we’re trying to save. 🙈 With the latest update, you can lock your Stash to help you stay on track with your savings goals.

When you lock a Stash, you won’t be able to withdraw money from it, but you can still add money to it.

To withdraw money, simply unlock Stash with the toggle button.

Scheduled deposits

Build up your savings more quickly with automatic weekly or monthly deposits.

Simply pick the Stash you’d like to activate this feature for, input your deposit amount, transfer date, and transfer cadence.

You can also stop the scheduled deposits at any time with just a click of a button.

Closing a Stash

Closing a Stash is easy. Simply click the Close Stash button in the settings, and we’ll move all your money back into your main account.

Saving money has never been easier with Stashes by BigPay. 🤩 Learn how to open a Stash here.

Go try it out for yourself on your BigPay app now!

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