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What Can You Pay For With BigPay?

Updated: May 24, 2022

By Sabrina Loh

There’s a reason why we’re known as the money app for all. At BigPay, our mission is to make banking more accessible for the people, and that includes you, the person who’s reading this. 🤗

We know how busy life can get, and to make it easier, you can now pay for almost anything you can think of with BigPay — 100% hassle-free and easy.

Here’s what you can pay with BigPay, and get RM100* on us!


Pay your rent to your landlord through the Local Bank Transfer feature or DuitNow Transfer.


Have a phone, water, internet or cable bill to pay? Tap on the bill payment feature on the app to settle it easily. You can also use your BigPay card at any One Stop Centre.


Whether it’s your mortgage, student loans, personal loans, or car loans, pay it through the Local Bank Transfer feature.


Use your BigPay card or DuitNow QR to pay for necessities like groceries, insurance, and petrol.

Credit card bill

Settle your credit card bill through the Local Bank Transfer feature.

Split bills with friends

Skip the awkward post-dinner conversation with the Split-Bill feature.

Groceries and Eating out

Whether it’s a swanky restaurant or a humble kopitiam, use the DuitNow QR feature or your BigPay card for hassle-free payments.

International transfers

Sending money to your family overseas? Transfer money from your BigPay account directly to bank accounts in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Australia.

Domestic money transfers

Send and receive money instantly with all participating banks and eWallets through the DuitNow Transfer feature, or transfer between BigPay accounts.


Use your BigPay Visa card with over 45 million merchants worldwide to pay real-time exchange rates and nothing else. You can also use it to book flight tickets and hotels.

The best part?

You’ll earn airasia points every single time you spend, and starting from 10th of March 2022, earn 6x the points!

These points can be used to redeem discounts on AirAsia flights to over 150 destinations, redeem tours and excursions whenever you go on holiday, and redeem vouchers at your favourite shops like Hermo, Famous Amos and even Samsung

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s a win-win situation? 😎


Let’s say you’re a single income household living alone in KL and your average monthly expenses are RM2570.*


1. These figures are only an estimate and do not reflect the actual cost of living in Kuala Lumpur.

2. You will only be able to collect points for DuitNow QR (eg: pay for your rent to your landlord who has a DuitNow merchant QR)

To learn more about collecting points, you can read our terms and conditions here.

When you use BigPay to pay for these monthly expenses, you’ll collect 257 points which can be used to redeem rewards.

On top of that, you’ll get an extra RM100 back for every RM1000 that you spend with BigPay with our promo this month! Learn more here.

Based on the example above, that’s RM200 that you’re practically getting for free. 🤩

Switch to BigPay

Use BigPay to pay for everything — It’s 100% free to get and free to keep.

You can use it anytime, anywhere

Your BigPay account comes with a Visa card which gives you access to over 45 million merchants worldwide. Use it anywhere in the world, online and offline.

Real-time exchange rates

Say goodbye to confusing money changers. With the BigPay card, you’ll pay real-time exchange rates and nothing else.

Just transact with your BigPay card to automatically pay in the local currency of your travels.

Send money to 10 countries and counting

We’re bringing South East Asia closer together with more countries to come soon!

Transfer money from your BigPay account directly to bank accounts in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Australia.

You’ll get a super competitive exchange rate and a full display of the fees. This means that you’ll pay less, and your recipient will get more!

It’s safe

If you’ve lost your card or encountered potential fraud, use the BigPay app to instantly freeze your card.

We’re also bound by Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) rules and monitored by Bank Negara Malaysia, thus subject to multiple laws, regulations, and legislations.

That means you’re 101% safe with us.

Switch to BigPay and pay for (almost) everything! Get up to RM100 when you switch to BigPay this month!

Switch to BigPay today. Sign up in less than 5 minutes.