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WFH: 7 Home Office Essentials for Productivity

For many of us, working from home is a brand new experience. While it takes some getting used to, there are few things you can do to make (and more importantly to keep) your environment productive. A lot of it comes down to one thing: balance. ⚖️

When work and life happen in the same space, boundaries get blurred and it’s easy to either turn into a workaholic or a lazy couch potato. We don’t want either of these things. Staying sane and healthy is a priority, especially during these times.

Without further ado… Here’s BigPay’s 7 work-from-home essentials!

1. A Lap Desk

If you don’t own a desk, you’re probably working from your couch. Or worse: your bed. These are two places we tend to associate with distractions or relaxation. Your posture is guaranteed to suffer as well, and your back could be hurting for a long time.

Current WFH situation for most of us.

The solution is easy: invest in a lap desk.

Despite the name, a “laptop” is actually not great to keep on your lap. Lap desks come in a variety of styles: with or without legs, inclined or flat, wooden or in plastic. It’s up to you, really. Pick one that fits your personal preference and lifestyle.

2. The ‘Moment’ App 📱

In many ways, mobile phones make both our personal and professional lives easier. But it can also work against you. The constant flow of notifications takes your attention away from single focus tasks that work generally requires from you and that’s not good.

Moment is a free mobile app that allows you to track your screen time, set goals and generally disconnect from all the distractions a smartphone has to offer. It even has guided coaching sessions that’ll help you establish more screen-free times.

Less phone. Better work!

3. Wireless Mesh Routers 📡

If you’re living in something bigger than a studio or a one-bedroom flat, you might face Wi-Fi coverage issues - especially if your workspace is far away from your living space. And not having good internet could seriously impact your productivity.

Look for a wireless mesh system!

These small devices serve as relay antennas for your internet and will banish Wi-Fi dead zones faster than an Expecto Patronum sends Dementors back to Azkaban. Make sure to pick one that’s compatible with your services provider and easy to install. 😉

Wireless mesh WiFi
Google Nest WiFi is a stylish but pricier option.

4. A Bloody Good Chair 💺

Good chairs aren’t cheap, but they’re essential for anyone spending hours seated at a desk. You need one with good lumbar and pelvic support. It’ll help with your posture, your breathing and even your energy levels. A good chair is a gift to yourself. 💁‍♀️

If your WFH chair looks like this... it really shouldn't.

Professional gamers are known a lot of time seated in front of their computers. So gaming companies have come up with possibly the most comfortable chairs you can think of… Some of them have funky colors, some are more sober.

Make your choice.

5. Introducing: The Smart Coffee Mug ☕

Wait… what? You heard it right. There’s nothing more disheartening than making yourself a beautiful cup of coffee, only to let it go cold because you left out for too long. Thankfully, there aren’t many ailments that technology can’t solve. 😌

There’s a variety of options available: from the simple USB-powered mug warmers to the more intricate connected, insulated, vacuum flasks. Some models are even self-stirring, but we’d rather keep some of the mystery. Go ahead and get yourself one!

Smart coffee mug
When techy also means fancy.

6. A Great Work Playlist 🎶

Did you know listening to music helps you with work? It’s been known to improve your mood, and it’s good for your productivity. Jamming to a good song activates the brain’s reward system, and more specifically the dopamine pathway.

Listening to good music is a good way to wake up your brain, make it pay attention to whatever it is you’re doing and reward it for a job well done. So go ahead and create a playlist with your favorite tunes, or look for one on Spotify or YouTube. 🎧

7. Self-Care Breaks

An essential practice to ensure you’re doing fine working from home is to take breaks. All you have to do is to be consistent and put habits into practice. Do some stretches, practice meditation, or even shop for your household necessities!

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