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Travelling to Thailand Has Become Easier in 2022! Here’s What You Need to Know.

By Sabrina Loh

If you’ve been missing authentic Pad Thai and Tom Yum, we have great news for you!

Thailand is ditching the unpopular Thailand Pass entry approval system for foreign visitors from 1st July 2022 onwards — That means you no longer need to purchase travel insurance with coverage of USD$10,000 and apply for an approved pass to enter the country!

With the relaxation of these restrictions, travelling to Thailand has become easier than ever during the pandemic.

Read on to find out everything you need to know to enter Thailand from 1 July 2022 onwards.

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*Disclaimer: Do note that entry requirements and quarantine information are subject to change. The information that’s published here is accurate at the time of writing. We highly advise you to do your own research before planning your trip!

Thailand Pass

Starting from 1 July 2022, all travellers will no longer be required to apply for Thailand Pass.

Who can travel to Thailand?

Anyone can travel to Thailand, but you must first check if your nationality requires a visa or has a visa exemption, which Malaysia is.

Do I need to take a Covid test?

Fully vaccinated travellers do not need to take any pre-departure or arrival covid tests. But you must provide your vaccination certificate. Do take note that your airline may require you to take a covid test.

Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated travellers must take a RT-PCR covid test or professional Antigen test within 72 hours of travel.

Children who are travelling with fully vaccinated parents or guardians do not need to undergo a covid test before travelling to Thailand. However, if the parents or guardians are unvaccinated, the child will need to undergo a covid test within 72 hours of travel.

All travellers do not need to take any covid tests upon arrival from 1 May onwards.

Do I need to quarantine in Thailand?

Travellers do not need to quarantine in Thailand from 1st April 2022.

However, if your covid test results are positive, you’ll have to follow the public health instructions as deemed appropriate by the Health Control Officer at the point of arrival. All expenses incurred will be borne by the traveller.

What documents do I need?

Proof of Full Vaccination: Digital or print format are both acceptable. Your second dose must be administered at least 14 days before departure.

Covid-19 test results: Your pre-departure Covid-19 test results must be negative, for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers.

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Is there a quota for travellers?

There is on quota for visitors to Thailand.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travellers will not need to purchase travel insurance from 1 July 2022.

Can I still travel to Thailand if I'm not fully vaccinated?

Yes, unvaccinated travellers may enter Thailand with a negative covid-19 test result.

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