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The number 1 rule to keep your BigPay money safe 🔐

Sure, you’re not targeted by the likes of Ocean’s Eleven for your BigPay money, but scammers and fraudsters are becoming increasingly cunning and can be convincing at times.

Because your financial security is important to us, we dedicate a lot of time and effort in detecting and preventing fraud and scams from happening to your BigPay money.

That’s why it’s important for everyone – from you to all of us at BigPay – to stay vigilant about safety.

So here’s the number one rule to keep your money safe:

❌ Never, ever give anyone your: ❌

  1. One-Time-Password (OTP)

  2. Date of birth or any other personal information

Especially if they claim to be from BigPay and are giving you deals, cashbacks, prizes, lucky draws etc. In fact, we’ve dedicated an article just for spotting scams.

We will also never call you on WhatsApp. If someone contacts you while pretending to be from BigPay and they ask you for one of the above, it’s 100% a SCAM.

If you receive any requests for the above, do not entertain it. Scammers and fraudsters will often use reasons and language such as “you’ve won a cashback, receive it now by replying with your OTP”, “claim a prize when you submit your OTP” or “security issue with your BigPay account, please provide your OTP”.

Take a screenshot of the number and report it to one of our agents via our in-app live chat: go to Settings > Support > Chat with us.

From our end, we are taking measures to step-up our security measures, and we’ll keep you on the loop for any updates on this.

As always, stay safe with Team BigPay!


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