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New year, new look! 🎉

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

2018 has been a tremendous year of growth and we're excited to take you along our ride for 2019. We’re kicking this year off with the start of our redesign!

We Value Design

You probably have noticed that we have changed the icons and the fonts of the app. All our upcoming changes are part of a bigger plan of making BigPay better for you!

Sikit, sikit, jadi bukit.

Money doesn’t buy happiness but it certainly helps! As we grow, we noticed more and more users are sending and requesting money with their friends. That’s why we decided to bring your friends closer and now they will be displayed on the home screen.

Swipe to the left to view your recent contacts and send/request money instantly.

Better control

Everything you need to keep your card secure, now in one place. We’ve improved the card screen page so you can freeze your card, change your PIN or top up. We also created a super cool animation for when you freeze your card - remember you can temporarily freeze or unfreeze anytime!

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