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Issues from Boost on 29th July: what happened & why did this happen?

Hey BigPay Fam, we have received reports of unauthorized transactions coming from Boost (@myboostapp).

After an investigation, we can confirm that these are late settlements from Boost for past top-ups done via your BigPay card. This is affecting everyone, and not just BigPay users.

What is the issue?

You’ve just topped up RM100 on your Boost app with your BigPay card. Your Boost balance is now at RM100. On your BigPay app, you see a transaction of -RM100 to Boost: it’s labeled as “Pending”. Boost has 7 days to claim this “Pending” amount from BigPay. If it isn’t claimed within 7 days, this “Pending” amount will be released back to your BigPay account. In this case, Boost didn’t claim the “Pending” amount in time. This incident affects top-ups done in the past 30 days.

The Boost transactions you’re seeing are late settlements for earlier top-ups on Boost via your BigPay card. If you check your BigPay app for the said top-ups, you should see a strikethrough on your transaction. It indicates that the amount was not claimed by Boost and returned to your BigPay balance.

What is BigPay doing to resolve this?

We are working closely with Boost to ensure all affected BigPay customers receive a full explanation as to why this happened.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for updates from Boost and stay vigilant when it comes to keeping your account safe!


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