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How to Verify Your ID on BigPay

Hey good looking,

We’re so excited to have you on board!

We know that some of you may have questions when it comes to the verification process.

Just follow the steps below so we can make sure you’re you. We promise it’s super easy!

Here are some pointers:

✅ Do upload a clear picture of the front and back of your ID

✅ Do make sure there are no reflections on your ID

✅ Do make sure there’s decent lighting in your selfie so we can see your gorgeous face clearly. 🤗

❎ Don’t upload photocopied or duplicate IDs

❎ Don’t upload expired or damaged ID

❎ Don’t snap your selfie in the dark

Wasn’t that easy? We’re so excited to have you on board the BigPay fam!

In case you’re still not convinced, here are 6 awesome benefits you get with BigPay:

  1. Shop literally anywhere! Your BigPay account comes with a Visa card which gives you access to over 45 million merchants worldwide. Use it anywhere in the world, online and offline.

  2. Save money with the most competitive FX rates internationally Travelling abroad? Say goodbye to confusing money changers. With the BigPay card, you’ll pay real-time exchange rates and nothing else.

  3. Save even more with the best international remittance rates Sending money abroad? With BigPay, you’ll get the best exchange rates and pay less than 1% of currency conversion fees.

  4. Send money to friends and other local bank accounts Transfer money instantly, completely free of charge, between two BigPay users or via DuitNow. Speaking of which, you can use your BigPay app to make contactless QR payments with any DuitNow merchant (aka most of Malaysia!)

  5. Track your expenses The BigPay app automatically tracks and categories all your expenses beautifully on one screen, so you can see how your budget is doing.

  6. Get loans, lifestyle insurances and SO MUCH MORE

Apply for personal loans, lifestyle insurance, get airasia discounts and so much more with BigPay!

We told you it’s awesome. 😎 See you on the BigPay app!

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