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How BigPay keeps your money safe 👀

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Criminals pretending to be from BigPay are always trying to steal our users’ money - but most of our BigPayers are smart and don't easily fall for scams! Thanks to the reports we receive, we’re able to take down more of them, and faster too.

But being reactive isn’t enough. Here’s everything we’re doing to protect you, and everything you can do to protect yourself. Remember: the battle to keep your money safe against fraudsters can only be won if we’re in this together. 💪

But first: what’s a phishing scam? 🎣

In short: phishing is when someone pretends to be from a company and asks you for personal information. The goal is to trick you into revealing crucial details such as your OTP or PIN, some numbers of your card, your date of birth, and so on.

These details enable scammers to take control of your account. They will typically reach out, saying that you’ve won a prize or that you’re entitled to some money from BigPay. We don’t do that. Hang up, take a screenshot of the number and send it to us.

How you can keep your money safe 🔐

As crazy as it sounds, there are only 4 things you need to remember to basically keep your money safe forever. 🦄

  • No BigPay employee will ever ask for your OTP or PIN, under any circumstances.

  • Anyone posing as a BigPay staff on social media, WhatsApp, or any other website that is not is a scammer and should be reported.

  • We will never randomly call you to give you a prize.

  • Can’t log into your account? You’re receiving unusual OTP messages? You can’t log into your BigPay app even on WiFi? Send us a message to immediately.

How we keep your money safe 🤖

Multiple people from different teams are dedicated to keeping your money safe. They spend their time analysing fraudulent behaviours and feeding that data to complex machine learning algorithms. Our fraud detection systems become smarter every day, allowing us to catch weird transactions and scam attempts before you even notice them.

But we also have some built-in security features that you use every day.

  • Multiple authentication levels: to log into your account, you need your PIN, an OTP sent to your registered phone number and even Touch ID.

  • Freeze card: you’re not sure where your BigPay card is, or you see a payment you don’t recognise? Just freeze it and get in touch with our team.

  • 3D Secure: when you pay on a website for the first time, you need to fill in your card details, your CVV and key in an OTP that we send to your mobile.

Brownie points: having some fun with the scammers 👹

Feeling creative or need someone to vent to? We think it's perfectly okay to give scammers a piece of your mind. After all, you're using up their time so they can't scam more people!

If you've done so, please take some screenshots and tag us! It would make our day, raise awareness and save other people from falling for scams!

In the meantime, make sure you don’t trust someone on the phone just because they say they’re from BigPay. Question who you’re talking to, take your time, have the confidence to say no. And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Let’s keep your money safe, together. 🙏


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