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Here’s Everything You Need to Travel to Indonesia in 2022

By Sabrina Loh

Since 14 October 2021, Indonesia has gradually been reopening its doors to international visitors, after closing its borders for almost two years.

Following the success of the quarantine-free trial period for select countries and the enthusiasm from those who’ve missed the country, Indonesia continues to lift its restrictions to allow travellers to return to sunny, vibrant, and beautiful Indonesia.

Here’s everything you need to know to enter Indonesia.

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*Disclaimer: Do note that entry requirements and quarantine information are subject to change. The information that’s published here is accurate at the time of writing. We highly advise you to do your own research before planning your trip!

Who can travel to Indonesia?

Anyone one can travel to Indonesia but you must check if your nationality requires a visa or is visa exempted.

The following are countries have visa exemption for 30 days and cannot be extended:

  1. Brunei Darussalam

  2. Cambodia

  3. Laos

  4. Malaysia

  5. Myanmar

  6. Philippines

  7. Singapore

  8. Thailand

  9. Vietnam

How can I enter Indonesia?

You can enter Indonesia by air, sea, or land only at these ports:


1. Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta,

2. Ngurah Rai, Denpasar, Bali,

3. Kualanamu, Medan, North Sumatera,

4. Juanda, Surabaya, East Java,

5. Hasanuddin, Makassar, South Sulawesi,

6. Sam Ratulangi, Manado, North Sulawesi, and

7. Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta,

8. Hang Nadim, Riau, Kepulauan Riau,

9. Zainuddin Abdul Majid, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat.


1. Nongsa Terminal Bahari, Riau Islands,

2. Batam Centre, Riau Islands,

3. Sekupang, Riau Islands,

4. Citra Tri Tunas , Riau Islands,

5. Marina Teluk Senimb, Riau Islands,

6. Bandar Bentan Telani Lago, Riau Islands,

7. Bandar Seri Udana Lobam, Riau Islands, and

8. Sri Bintan Pura, Riau Islands,

9. Dumai, Riau,

10. Tanjung Balai Karimun, Kepulauan Riau

11. Benoa, Bali

Land Immigration Post

1. Entikong, West Kalimantan,

2. Aruk, West Kalimantan Barat,

3. Mota'in, East Nusa Tenggara, and

4. Tunon Taka, North Kalimantan.

Do I need to take a Covid test?

Covid tests are not required for fully vaccinated travellers from 8 June 2022. However, everyone must undergo a Covid-19 symptom check, including body temperature scan at the entry points. If there are symptoms of Covid, you must get Covid test.

Do I need to quarantine in Indonesia?

Fully vaccinated visitors do not need to quarantine upon arrival in Indonesia. However, semi-vaccinated or unvaccinated visitors must quarantine for 5 days.

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What documents do I need?

Proof of vaccination: You must show printed or digital proof that you are fully-vaccinated against Covid-19 with your booster dose taken at least 14 days prior to departure.

Register your vaccination: Register your Covid-19 vaccine certificate at (your verified certificate will appear on your PeduliLindungi app) for your access to indoor public places in Indonesia.

Contact tracing app: Download the Indonesian contact tracing app Peduli Lindungi on your phone.

Return ticket: A return ticket or a pass to continue the trip to another country.

Is there a quota for travellers?

There are no quotas for arrival in Indonesia.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travellers will no longer be required to purchase travel insurance from 8 June 2022 onwards. However, it is still encouraged as a safeguard against any unforeseen circumstances.

Can I still travel to Indonesia if I'm not fully vaccinated?

Unvaccinated visitors can still enter Indonesia. However, you will get vaccinated upon arrival in Indonesia, and must undergo quarantine for 5 days.

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