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BigPay will soon stop running on Android 4 and iOS 9

Starting 16 March 2020, your phone's software version needs to be at least Android 5 or iOS 10 to use the BigPay app.

You'll need to update your phone (not the BigPay app) if you're affected.

Why are we doing this?

Short answer: security.

Hackers are always finding new ways to hack into your phone to steal personal information and money. If you’re using a phone with an older software, it will not be able to effectively defend itself from hackers.

Google, the company behind Android has stopped supporting phones on Android 4 two years ago. Since then, they have stopped rolling out important security updates to phones on Android 4.

The same is also for iPhones. Apple has limited its support for iOS 9 and in 2018, an employee leaked important information about iOS 9. That's bad news if you're using an iPhone running on iOS 9.

Since you've chosen to trust BigPay with your money, we've decided to stop allowing the BigPay app to run on phones on Android 4 or iOS 9.

Am I affected?

You're affected if you’re using the BigPay app with a phone running on these versions: Android 4 (4.0 to 4.4.4) or iOS 9 (9.0 to 9.3.6).

Find out what Android version you're currently using

Find out what iPhone version you're currently using

What do I need to do? 🤔

If you're affected, simply update to the minimum required software version to continue using the BigPay app without disruption before 16 March 2020.

For Android users

You need to use Android 5 or above

Update your Android software

For iPhone users

You need to use iOS 10 or above

Update your iPhone software

What if I cannot update to Android 5 or iOS 10 and above?

It probably means that your phone is too old to get the update.

BigPay is free to keep so you can just wait until you get a new phone that supports Android 5 or iOS 10 and above.

If you prefer, we can also refund your BigPay balance to your bank account for free. This will take roughly a week.

Reach out to us via our in-app chat, private message us on Facebook or email us at if you need help.

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