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We've Partnered With SOCAR & Trevo!

Psst! We're really excited to announce that we have partnered with SOCAR and Trevo this Chinese New Year season.

We know that getting around is hard, especially during Chinese New Year when you have your whole family with you.

Chinese New Year is right around the corner, so we know that everyone must be busy prepping for Chinese New Year since most of us were in lockdown last year.

Despite SOPs being a bit more lenient this year, please travel responsibly, get your booster and get tested before you meet family and friends. Make sure that the only thing you're bringing along are ang pao's and your appetite!

Show up to your Chinese New Year visits with a new car everyday. Why just change your clothes when you can also change your car!

Starting 18th January 2022 to 31st March 2022, our partnerships with both SOCAR and TREVO will go live.

Here are some of the amazing deals you will have if you use BigPay, SOCAR and TREVO during the campaign period.

SOCAR is an incredibly convenient service giving you access to cars that you can book for a short trip and is readily available at hundreds of easily accessible locations like shopping malls and even condos!


Book a car with SOCAR for a minimum of 2 days using the promo code BIGPAY88 and get RM88 off your transaction!

This is available for all new and existing SOCAR users

Read the terms and conditions here!

TREVO is Malaysia’s largest car sharing marketplace. Rent cars from "hosts" that are car owners.

This is also a great service for car owners that don't really use their cars often. Imagine making your car work for you!


Book a car with TREVO and get 30% off your car rental booking. The maximum discount is RM250 which is an awesome deal!

Use the code BIGPAY30 to enjoy 30% off your next booking with TREVO.

This is available for all new and existing TREVO users

Read the terms and conditions here!

We can't wait to see you in your shiny new rides this holiday season! Travel safe and we wish you a very auspicious Lunar New Year!

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