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BigPay security news: keeping up with the scammers

Hello from the BigPay risk team!

We hope everyone's staying well and safe this year.

As part of our efforts to keep all BigPay users up to date, we're here to update you on how scammers are changing their methods to scam BigPay users!

Recently, we have discovered that scammers and fraudsters are using new narratives and excuses to trick users for their OTP and money. These new narratives often come in the likes of:

  • Scammers informing BigPay users that their blue BigPay card is changing to red, hence the customer is needed to provide their details and OTP for verification

  • Scammers informing BigPay users that they will be receiving a premium BigPay card, hence the customer is needed to provide their details and OTP for verification

We would like to clarify that these are absolutely not true - the BigPay card remains solely the same striking blue, and there are no existing premium BigPay cards available to anyone.

However, this doesn't mean that the previous method of scamming BigPay users with reasons like cashbacks, lucky prizes or rewards have stopped. They are just more of the many methods that scammers use to try and access your BigPay money - so stay alert and vigilant towards any suspicious or too-good-to-be-true messages!

If you'd like to know more about how BigPay keeps your money safe, you can read our article here.

As always, let’s keep your money safe together. 🙏


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