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August in summary

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

In July, we had a lot of reach within different communities in Malaysia, some cool product updates, event milestones to boot which landed us a visit from two ministers of Malaysia.

This month was monumental for us. Here’s the full scoop on August’s highlights.

We met with the Prime Minister of Malaysia 🤯

We’re still feeling the heat 🔥 on this one. We’re thrilled that the premier liked his blue BigPay card! Having the number one guy in the country listen to us share about how we're going to change the financial space for Malaysians? BIG DEAL indeed.

Think he liked his BigPay card? We sure think so. Tun pocketed his card quite quickly. 😉

In the news

Did you read about us on The Edge? 📰

Our CEO, Chris Davison shared our strategy as we work towards becoming the largest financial institution operating on a challenger bank model in Southeast Asia. How are we going to make that happen?

Answer: Sugar, spice and everything nice. 😉 Jokes aside, we're releasing some exciting features soon! Read all about it here.


ONTRENZ featured us in their article that tells you all about why you should use BigPay. If you’re still a non-believer and wondering why you should hop on the BigPay wagon, it’s time to read about it for yourself, here.👈

If you want the blue card for yourself, it's not too late to sign up.

Our community

When BIG dreams collide

We had thousands of application flooding into our inbox from our Dream BIG campaign. It was a tough feat selecting two winners of RM10,000 because there were plenty of great entries. But at last, we found two well-deserving winners, Lemuel and Violette!

Who are they and what are their stories? Read about it here.

We assigned them a secret mission project. Stay tuned for the outcome.

As always, we’ve got massive love 💙 from you guys!

Our Merdeka-themed BigPay card really hit all the sweet spots. 🇲🇾

PS: This is a Merdeka-themed design illustration. The actual card is not made available to you yet. But if you really want it, make some noise on our social media... who knows, we might release it. 😉

The appdate

Noticed two extra icons on your app?

Wondering what are the two greyed out icons about? Soon, BigPay users will be able to send money to Malaysian and international bank accounts. Yay!

We’re working hard behind-the-scenes to get this out to you as soon as possible so stay tuned for the announcement! 🤩


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