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All Covid-19 Border Restrictions in Australia Have Been Lifted!

By Sabrina Loh

After nearly two years of international travel bans, Australia is finally back in business!

Starting from 6 July 2022, travelling to The Land Down Under has become easier as international travellers will no longer have to complete a Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) and declare their vaccination status.

We’ve missed Australia’s stunning beaches, coffee culture, and magical natural wonders.

Here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s entry requirements, but do keep in mind that each state and territory has its own entry requirements that you’ll need to comply with.

*Disclaimer: Do note that entry requirements and quarantine information are subject to change. The information that’s published here is accurate at the time of writing. We highly advise you to do your own research before planning your trip!

Who can travel to Australia?

Anyone can travel to Australia as long as they meet Australia’s definition of fully vaccinated for international travel purposes, or if you’ve been granted an individual travel exemption.

For more information on Australia’s vaccination requirements, click here.

More information on vaccinated international travellers and unvaccinated international travellers.

Do I need to take a Covid test?

Pre-departure covid test: Not required from 18th April 2022.

There are currently no entry requirements for most territories, however, restrictions may change at notice. Refer to the relevant territory website below for the latest requirements:.

New South Wales: Not required upon arrival. More information here.

Victoria: Not required upon arrival if you’re arriving by air. If you’re arriving by sea, you must show proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours or a negative rapid antigen test taken within 24 hours of departure. More information here.

Queensland: Not required. More information here.

South Australia: Not required. More information here.

Western Australia: Not required. More information here.

Tasmania: Not required. More information here.

Northern Territory: Not required. More information here.

Australian Capital Territory: Not required. More information here.

Do I need to quarantine?

New South Wales: Not required

Victoria: Not required

Queensland: Not required

South Australia: Not required

Western Australia: Not required

Tasmania: Not required

Northern Territory: Not required

Australian Capital Territory: Not required

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What documents do I need?

Digital Passenger Declaration: Not required from 6 July 2022 onwards.

Maritime Travel Declaration: Not required from 6 July 2022 onwards.

Proof of Vaccination: Not required from 6 July 2022 onwards. However, it’s recommended that you prepare it anyway, just in case. More information here.

Visa: Check if you need a visa here.

What mode of transportation can I use?

You can enter Australia by air or sea.

Do I need travel insurance?

Not required to enter Australia, but it is strongly encouraged.

Can I still travel to Australia if I'm not fully vaccinated?

If you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, you must provide acceptable medical evidence. You may need to apply for a travel exemption.

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