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7 Reasons Why You Should Claim Your ePemula Credit With BigPay

Updated: May 12, 2022

By Sabrina Loh

In case you haven’t heard, the Ministry of Finance has launched a RM300 million ePemula program to encourage cashless spending. BigPay is one of four participating e-wallets and we have many exciting deals up for grabs. 🤩

If you’re a full-time student in college or university, you’re entitled to claim RM150 ePemula credit, and so much more if you claim it with BigPay!

We guarantee it will level up your life.

Here are 7 reasons why you should claim your ePemula credit with us:

RM1500 worth of exclusive vouchers

If you’ve been dreaming of that girl’s trip, back-to-school shopping spree or staycation, we’ve got you covered — BigPay is offering RM1500 worth of exclusive travel and lifestyle vouchers from our partners such as airasia, Zalora, and airasia Delivers.

Unlimited cashback from your favourite brands

Enjoy unlimited cashback from mega brands such as Watsons, Hermo, Kinokuniya, Klook Travel, Zalora, and more.

Signing up is fast and easy

No unnecessary long queues or complicated paperwork. You can sign up on our app or website from anywhere.

Speaking of which, click here to join us if you haven’t already.

Flight discounts

Earn airasia points every time you spend with BigPay and redeem major discounts on AirAsia flights to over 150 destinations. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

Track your expenses with ease

Tired of digging through your bank statements to find out where your money is going? Our app tracks and categorises all your expenses beautifully on one screen, to make everyday budgeting smarter and easier.

Best exchange rates

Say goodbye to confusing money changers. The BigPay card gives you real time exchange rates, anywhere in the world. Now that the borders have reopened, this card will become your best friend, especially when you travel.

On top of that, you earn airasia points every time you spend.

Easy instant transfers

No more awkward discussions at dinner because sending money to your friend’s BigPay account only takes two quick taps. It’s fast, easy and everyone’s happy.

You can also make hassle-free transfers to international bank accounts in 10 countries with the best real-time exchange rates.

Are you convinced? Download the BigPay app to claim your RM150 ePemula credit now!

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