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6 ways to save money on 11/11

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Single’s Day is approaching fast and you might be wondering what you're going to do on 11/11? Well, we've got a few ideas of our own, so... we compiled a list of the top 6 ways of making the most of your money on Single's Day ;) (what were you thinking?)

Thankfully, getting the best deals is an art form that some BigPay employees have mastered. We thought we’d share some of the best tips – directly from our team to you!

1. Rank by price, filter by reviews

This is the best way to make sure you get shown the best deals first. Prices can hugely vary from one item to the other. Go with products and sellers that have at least 10 good reviews, and make sure those reviews look genuine. When in doubt, send a message to the vendor!

2. Look for the small sellers

If you’re buying a generic item or model, go with smaller sellers. These guys are trying to build up a reputation and accumulate sales. They’ll often be cheaper than the bigger, crown-rated sellers – but have enough reviews so that you can confidently buy from them.

3. Buy from the same sellers

Always take a look at all the items sold by the same vendors. If you stumble upon another product that you find interesting, you’ll be able to save on the shipping costs – as both items will come from the same place! Do send a message to the vendor to negotiate as well!

4. Add items to your cart in advance

If there’s a list of items you want to buy, just add them all to your cart before 11/11. Then, login again and just have a quick look: see which products are discounted on that day! Remove the unwanted items and voilà: you’ve saved time and money on your shopping.

5. Combine orders with friends

Depending on the website, you’ll be able to choose between shipping by air or by sea – and even express or economy shipping. It makes financial sense to combine orders with your friends! And then, just use BigPay’s request money feature to easily split the bill.

Use your BigPay

On top of saving money on the exchange rate when shopping on international websites, we’ve been working on getting a few exclusive deals for our users. From cashback to flat discounts or percentages off your order… Let’s make the most out of your 11/11!


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