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5 reasons why Malaysian students love BigPay

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Being a student, you’re often the group that’s left out on the financial inclusion scale. Navigating your way into a whole new lifestyle and routine is exciting yet can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Given responsibilities to manage your studies, take on a part-time job, manage your time and money while squeezing in some room to stay on top of your social game. It can be overwhelming.

We spoke to student groups in Malaysia and gathered reasons why they’ve decided BigPay is the way to go.

1. Getting on board with BigPay is easy

Unlike traditional banks, where you are required to show up and queue to set up a bank account, say goodbye to paperwork, long queues and, opening hours restrictions. BigPay allows you to submit your application anywhere you are! BigPay cards are then delivered to your doorstep and you can use the BigPay app via mobile phone. That’s all it requires.

2. Master the art of budgeting

So you’ve never worked a budget before, and that’s not even on the top of your priority list. That’s okay, it’s time to build one and understand your financial flow of things. It’s important to have a solid understanding of your finances in order to consistently improve and not let it bog you down. It comes in handy with unexpected surprises (like a car breakdown).

Students can use BigPay as a budgeting tool and start spending according to the allocated means. Limits just need to be put in place and that’s step one into being financially aware.

3. Track your spending with analytics

Using the BigPay app, you’re able to track your expenses down to every detail. We've equipped you with not 1 but 3 different interactive sections to give you complete visibility and insights on your spending! The app shows you a daily spend graph to a cumulative one so you can visibly notice which days in the month your spending has increased or decreased. You can also see the percentage breakdown of each category of your spend and this is visualised with a pie chart.

Dealing with your finances has been super easy with the clicks of a few buttons. One more thing, the app shows your real-time balance anytime you log in. So if you’re ever tempted to buy that extra pair of shoes, all you have to do is check your balance on your BigPay app and decide wisely if it’s a yes or no.

4. Split the bills!

You offer to loan lunch money for your group of friends and everyone says “we’ll pay you back later” and we know sometimes, later is never. Asking for money to be paid back is really an icky feeling, that’s where BigPay’s app comes in handy.

We’ve got your back in situations like these, all you have to do is split the bills with BigPay - just select the people you need to split the bill with, key in the amount and we’ll do the rest. It’s really that easy, so say goodbye to icky feelings and awkward conversations like “hello, ummm, you owe me 10 bucks.”

5. People love our exchange rates!

If you’re studying overseas and being home requires you boarding a plane, then traveling often as well as sending and receiving money overseas is common for you. Whether your parents are sending you money to help out with tuition fees or you’re sending them money, you can do it for free with BigPay! It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons and enjoying some of the best rates. Kiss your headaches goodbye now that you have BigPay.


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