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3 thrifty tips to save major money this Chinese New Year (3 Feb update) |#LetsTalkMoney| BigPay

With the festive season coming up, it's fair to say that shopping, gifting and dining are on everyone's mind, even if Chinese New Year is a little different in 2021 with the extended MCO!

But with Covid at hand, we think it might not be the best time to be relaxed about spending as what we're used to.

Here are some of BigPay’s quick tips on how a little planning can save you serious cash during Chinese New Year!

Tip 1: Limit new purchases and get creative with your current wardrobe

Ever heard of the saying "out of the old, in with the new"? Well, splurging on new clothing has become a Chinese New Year tradition for most.

That said, an easy way to avoid spending a big chunk of money this year is to refrain from shopping this Chinese New Year season!

Instead, if you look through your wardrobe, there's a high chance that you'll find never-worn-before clothes that you forgot existed! How about giving these a fresh new look this Chinese New Year?

If you must shop for new clothes, try getting just one new part of an outfit to match with your current clothes. Otherwise, you can simply play creative match-up by wearing existing clothes in different combinations!

Tip 2: Stay away from the mahjong table (or any gambling activities)

While not all households get into the gambling mood during the Chinese New Year season, many others do.

After all, it could be a nice occasion to let your hair down with some fun and thrills with friends and family.

As you might well be aware, gambling is an easy way to lose a large amount of your hard-earned money! Don't forget that gambling, no matter how small the amount, is just a game of risks and chances - so why risk your money?

Tip 3: Have a potluck dinner at home instead of restaurant dining

It's official - dining out is no longer an option unless you're in Sarawak! While there are valid reasons to support your local family restaurants, dining on takeaways can still cost a hefty bill when compared to preparing your own reunion dinner. After all, family dinner packages these days often come up to four digits!

Here's one way to take it easier on your wallet as well as having a stress-free occasion - have a potluck dinner at home!

It's an easy way to pocket a tidy sum while enjoying the safe space of your home while you celebrate!


This Chinese New Year, save money and send love & prosperity with BigPay

Whether it's due to an MCO or Circuit Breaker, our Chinese New Year plans for 2021 has definitely been disrupted or outright cancelled!

But this might be the year to reflect upon how we might've taken our loved ones' company for granted - so let's kickstart Chinese New Year 2021 with positivity and hope.

Share the gift of love and prosperity with BigPay this year!


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