11 Places you can use DuitNow

By Sabrina Loh

As part of our mission to make banking accessible to everyone, BigPay is now compatible with DuitNow!

That means BigPay users can now use DuitNow QR and DuitNow Transfer for payments at their favourite participating merchants, and make instant domestic funds transfers to participating banks and e-wallets — we call this ‘Just BigPay It!’

The best part?

You earn airasia points every time you spend. These points can be used to redeem discounts on AirAsia flights and other rewards.

Here are some ideas where you can use DuitNow:


Whether it’s a swanky restaurant or hipster cafe, most restaurants accept DuitNow. Bust out your BigPay app to pay for your next meal!


You can even BigPay It at humble local joints like your friendly neighbourhood Kopitiam or Mamak.


Watching a live music performance, theatre production, or a standup comedy show? You can use BigPay to pay for it.


There’s nothing quite like reading from a real book with bound pages, spines, and printed words. Just BigPay It the next time you’re browsing at a brick-and-mortar bookstore.

Retail stores

Shopping for an event or spotted an article of clothing that caught your eye? Earn airasia points when you use BigPay to pay for it!


Just BigPay It at the cinema the next time you’re catching the latest Hollywood blockbuster!


Yes, you can even BigPay It at your local farmers' market! Just bust out your BigPay app when you’re picking up some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Convenience stores

Getting the munchies at 11 pm? Pop down to your neighbourhood convenience store and BigPay it.


You can BigPay it at many fitness facilities like rock climbing gyms, yoga studios, skate parks, and more.


Whether it’s a trampoline park, escape room, or aquarium, Just BigPay It at your next adventure.

Grocery stores

Just BigPay it on your next grocery run and earn airasia points.

Download our app in 3 simple steps so you can Just BigPay it too!