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Online shoppers

Love online shopping? You’re gonna love BigPay

Pay less when you shop from international websites

BigPay’s competitive exchange rates translates to fantastic savings for payments on international websites - think China, US, UK and more.

Spending becomes easier and smarter

Savvy shoppers know where to spend their money and keep track of them. BigPay’s analytics tool does just that on one page!

Forget keeping track of piles of receipts

Receipts are every shopper’s nightmare - try the BigPay app’s receipt snapshot tool to make tracking them easier!


Your best shopping buddy should be BigPay

Shop anywhere, shop anytime

Your BigPay card is accepted in every nook and cranny of the world!


All ATMs are now accessible 

You can now withdraw cash from any ATM in the world for the same fee.


Losing your card doesn’t have to make you panic

Lost your card? Simply “freeze” it in your BigPay app and order a new one if you can’t find it. No stress.

Pay in under a second

With contactless, you just need to tap and pay. Faster than scanning a QR code.


You can’t overspend 😉

Your BigPay card works like a debit card, so don’t worry about getting into an overdraft and paying excessive fees. 

Get your BigPay in 5 minutes


Based in Singapore? Sign up with MyInfo via Singpass now!

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