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Legal Agreements

Stash Terms And Conditions

This document is the contract between you, the Cardholder and us, BigPay Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“BigPay”), and contains the supplementary terms and conditions for “Stash”, which, construed and read together with the terms and conditions set out in the BigPay Card Terms and Conditions (Cardholder Agreement) and Terms of Use governing the BigPay Card and BigPay App, jointly governs the use of the Stash feature and which are binding on you (collectively “Stash Terms and Conditions”).  By accessing or using Stash, you agree to the Stash Terms and Conditions. Do not use Stash if you do not agree to be bound by these terms. 

All capitalized words, expressions and definitions used herein shall, except where the context otherwise provides, have the same meaning as defined and used in the BigPay Card Terms and Conditions (Cardholder Agreement). 

Stash is a feature which allows you to transfer funds from your Available Balance to a specifically designated sub-account in your Card Account (“Stash pool”) for later use and allows you to keep those funds separate from your Available Balance. With the Stash feature, the funds you transfer to Stash will be blocked and cannot be used for any Transaction and will be maintained in the Stash pool in your Card Account until you decide to withdraw and transfer the funds back to your Available Balance. In addition, with Stash, for any Transactions you make, we will round up the Transaction amount to the nearest Ringgit Malaysia (RM) figure and the difference between the Transaction Amount (payable to the merchant) and the rounded-up figure i.e. the spare change (“Round-Up Difference”) will be credited to your Stash pool in your Card Account.

You may activate Stash at any time subject to your Card being active and not blocked. Once you have activated Stash, you may transfer funds from your Available Balance to Stash and thereafter withdraw and transfer funds back from your Stash pool to your Available Balance at any time. Subject to the Purse Limit stipulated by BigPay, there is no limit to the amount you may transfer to or hold in your Stash pool.  

When you request for transfer of your funds from your Available Balance to your Stash pool by making the request in the BigPay App under the “Stash” tab screen, you authorize us to debit the funds from your Available Balance and credit the same to your Stash pool. This should generally be done immediately and you will see the funds reflected in your Stash pool in the BigPay App under the “Stash” tab screen. The same process will apply for when you withdraw and transfer funds from your Stash pool back to your Available Balance. You may contact our customer service if your transfer of funds is still not reflected in either your Stash pool or Available Balance within twenty-four hours. 

All Transactions will be rounded up only.  If your Available Balance is insufficient for the Round-Up Difference i.e. after you have made your Transaction, your Available Balance is less than the total Round-Up Difference, we will not round up your Transaction and we will not transfer the Round-Up Difference to Stash. 

For any cancelled or disputed Transactions where you are meant to receive a refund or reimbursement of the Transaction Amount from the merchant, the Round-Up Difference for that Transaction (which was credited to your Stash pool when you had performed the Transaction) will remain in your Stash pool and will not be transferred back to your Available Balance by us.

Any amounts maintained in your Stash pool can only be transferred to your Available Balance at your own request/action.  


Stash is not a savings account and you will not earn any interest on funds (including the Round-Up Difference) transferred to or maintained in your Stash pool. You cannot transfer funds in your Stash pool to your banking accounts or to third party accounts. You cannot withdraw funds from your Stash pool. 

Your Stash pool is tied to your Card Account and is not an independent or a separate wallet of its own. If you (or we) terminate your Card, your Stash pool is equally terminated and the balance of the funds in your Card Account will be refunded to you unless an Event of Default has occurred on your part.  

The terms and conditions contained herein shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representation contained in any other promotional or advertising materials for Stash. 


We may at our absolute discretion from time to time, change or update any one or more of the terms and conditions contained herein. We may further suspend, discontinue or terminate Stash at any material time at our sole and absolute discretion and you shall have no grounds of action or claim against us for the same. We, our parent, affiliates, associated companies and subsidiaries including our respective employees, directors and representatives shall not be liable for any losses, costs, expenses or damages suffered or sustained by you for your use or misuse of Stash. 

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