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Give your business an edge in exchange rate savings, expense tracking & payments

When you’re busy running your business, the BigPay app has got you covered with massive savings on currency exchange rates, easy expenses management and efficient payments.


Here are some BigPay features that can supercharge your business

The world is yours

With BigPay’s competitive exchange rates, every transaction your business makes translates to savings.

Your money is protected

We use machine learning to monitor your accounts. If we detect anything suspicious, we’ll tell you immediately. 

Keeping tabs on payments become easy

With instant notifications after every payment, you can stay on top of what’s new and what’s due.

Keep your financial health in one big picture

Forget the hours of digging through bank statements. With BigPay analytics, it’s all there on one screen.

No more nasty surprises

All our fees are published on the app and website. We won’t ever charge you more than that.

Get your BigPay in 5 minutes


Based in Singapore? Sign up with MyInfo via Singpass now!

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