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Get BigPay with no special conditions or long application process

Say goodbye to tedious queues and waiting for your turn at the counter

If you’ve just moved to Southeast Asia for work, it’ll usually take some time to open a proper bank account - even with the support of your employer. In the meantime, there’s no reason why you should be losing money on foreign exchange by using your foreign credit or debit card.


The earlier you get yourself a BigPay card, the quicker you’ll start building a local spending history. Export your statements in PDF right from the app, and it might even help with finding a place to live or subscribing to local services.


BigPay is completely free to get and free to keep. And we give you the real exchange rates from Visa or Mastercard.


All your transactions are automatically tracked and categorised within the app. Stay on top of your finances!


Not sure where your card is? Freeze it right from the app. Plus, our support team is available 24/7 to help you.

Get your BigPay in 5 minutes


Based in Singapore? Sign up with MyInfo via Singpass now!


Frequent travellers’ questions

How do I get BigPay?

We were hoping you would ask that! It's simple - download our app on the Google Play or App Store, sign up in 3 steps and you'll receive your BigPay card in no time.


Who can sign up to BigPay?

If you live in Malaysia, any Malaysian citizen or resident aged 18 or above.

If you live in Singapore, any Singaporean citizen or resident aged 18 or above.

How much will it cost to get BigPay?

It's entirely free to sign up and get your BigPay card. You'll need to add a small amount of money into your account as part of sign up. But don't worry, it's not a fee. The money is yours to keep and you can start spending once you've received your card! We also don't charge any annual or inactive fees so go ahead and try BigPay out!

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