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Legal Agreements




Joining Fee


Annual Fee

Waived unconditionally

Account Service Fee

RM2.50 per month for inactive account where there is no card transaction in a particular month

Waived until further notice

ATM Withdrawal Fee

Local: RM6.00 per transaction

Overseas: RM10.00 per transaction or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher

(NOTE: For overseas, only RM10.00 will be charged until further notice)

Currency Conversion Fee

(Applied when the purchase is effected in currencies other than Malaysian Ringgit)

Up to 1% + network charges

Cross-Border Transaction Fee

(Applied when the purchase is through merchant acquired outside of Malaysia but charged in Malaysian Ringgit)

Waived until further notice

Replacement Card Fee

(Only applicable for Card replacement request made by Cardmember. Not applicable if due to defect of Chip or Card)

RM20.00 per Card

Card Cancellation Fee


Card to Card transfer fees


Sales Draft Retrieval Fee


Reload Fee


Cash Top-up Fee

RM1 + 2% of the reload value with the following caps:

  • i. RM2 per transaction for reload amount up to RM100; and

  • ii. RM5 per transaction for reload amount above RM100

Credit Card Convenience Fee

Up to equivalent of 1% per transaction for processing top-ups above RM1,000/month 

Remittance Fees (Non-promotional rates)

Malaysia - Total fees RM0.50

Indonesia - Total fees RM4.50

Singapore - Total fees RM4.50

India - Total fees RM3.50

Nepal - Total fees RM6.00

Bangladesh - Total fees RM6.00

The Philippines - Total fees RM6.00

Vietnam - Total fees RM8.00

Thailand - Total fees RM10.00

Australia - Total fees RM13.00

China - Total fees RM22.00

UK - Total fees RM0.00 (waived until further notice)
Waived until further notice
EU - Total fees RM0.00 (waived until further notice)
Waived until further notice

*Note: All Fees and Charges are subject to 0% GST Charge effective 1st June 2018 onwards.

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