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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Cards

Why should I create a virtual card?
If you’re a new user, creating a virtual card allows you to start spending online while waiting for your physical card. If you’re an existing user, virtual cards are a great way to keep your physical and digital spendings separate. You’ll be able to filter your transactions on your home screen and see where you spent with which card. If you’re replacing your physical card, having a virtual card will allow you to keep using your BigPay account during the process.

If I create a virtual card, am I going to have two separate balances?
No, both your virtual and your physical card will be linked to the same balance.

How many virtual cards can I create?
You’re only allowed 1 virtual card at any given time.

Can I delete my virtual card and create a new one?
Yes, you can delete and create a new virtual card up to once a month.

Will my virtual card be a Mastercard or a Visa? Can I choose?
You cannot choose, your virtual card will match your physical card

What’s my spending limit on the virtual card?
You have the same spending limit on your virtual card as on your virtual card. As long as there’s enough balance on your account, you can use it.

Where can I use my virtual card?
You can use your virtual card anywhere that doesn’t require the presence of your physical card: online shopping, food delivery apps, and any digital purchases in general.

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