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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the eBelia initiative?

eBelia is a government initiative under Budget 2021 by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. 


The broad objectives are to ease the burden on youths’ expenses and encourage businesses especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to accept cashless payments.


Approximately 2 million Malaysians stand to benefit from eBelia, where the Government provides RM150 of e-wallet credit, to be used for purchases through the participating e-wallet service providers. 


In addition, the participating e-wallet service providers will provide additional incentives through vouchers, cashback, discounts, reward points and ‘coins’.


Who is eligible for eBelia?

The eligibility criteria for individuals to participate in the eBelia programme are:

  1. Malaysian citizens; AND

  2. Have attained the age of 18 to 20 years old in 2021 (born between 2001 and 2003); OR

  3. Are full-time students enrolled in courses equivalent to diploma or SKM4 and above in an institution of higher learning (“IHL”) registered with one of the following ministries: the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Human Resources and Department of Islamic Development Malaysia ( JAKIM ), which are collectively referred to as “Relevant Ministries”, with no age limitation.


Why should I pick BigPay to claim my RM150 from eBelia??


It’s simple: BigPay is the only eWallet part of eBelia that gives you a card that can be used at 800,000 merchants in Malaysia, both online and offline. You can basically use your BigPay card just like any bank card.


It gives you more freedom to spend your RM150 how you see fit — just make sure to check which transactions the funds can be used for!

Why do I need to top up my BigPay first to make a transaction? Why can’t you disburse my RM150 eBelia credit directly into my account for me to use?

Because BigPay gives you a card that you can use with 800,000 merchants in Malaysia and anywhere in the world, in any currency, we first need to check the eligibility of your transactions. Once you’ve made an eligible transaction, you will automatically be reimbursed from your eBelia credit - and you can use that money on anything you like.


Why do I need to top up my BigPay account if I’m going to claim RM150 from eBelia?

This is our standard signup process. In order to receive your BigPay card, you need to add money to your account. It’s not a fee and it will be available to spend. To make it easier, we’re lowering the minimum top-up amount to RM5.

On top of that, we’re giving you free RM20 if you sign up using the promo code PCEBELIABP. The funds will automatically be credited to your main account balance once you activate your card.

I’ve successfully applied for eBelia with BigPay but I don’t see the RM150 in my main account balance. What’s going on?


To see your eBelia balance, you need to go to ‘Payments’ and then ‘eBelia’.

As you can see, you now have two separate balances: one for your main account on the homepage, and one for eBelia in the dedicated tab. Every time you make a transaction that is eligible under the eBelia initiative, you need to have the total amount in your main account balance first. Once you make an eligible payment, funds will be transferred from your eBelia balance to your main account balance.

For example: if you want to pay RM30 on your favorite merchant, you first need to top up to have enough money in your main balance. Once the payment has been processed and we’ve verified that the transaction is eligible, RM30 will be transferred from your eBelia balance to your main account balance - usually within the next few minutes.


What can I do with my airasia discounts?


First of all, airasia has become much more than an airline. If you live in a delivery zone, we’re giving you multiple discounts on food, groceries and beauty products. When it comes to flights and SNAP combos, you can book your trip to be up until November 30, 2021.


With Malaysia’s vaccination plan progressing rapidly, it’s likely that cases will go down and travel restrictions will ease. When that happens, who wouldn’t want a nice holiday rebate?


What can I use the RM150 eBelia credit for?


You can use the RM150 eBelia credit for any transactions that your chosen e-wallet can be used for, EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING:

  1. peer-to-peer transfers; 

  2. cash-outs; 

  3. app-integrated payment of utility bills;

  4. app-integrated payment of Government related fees/payments;

  5. app-integrated payment of telco postpaid bills and prepaid service top-ups; 

  6. app-integrated games purchases;

  7. payments to overseas merchants;

  8. top up of other e-wallets.


I have more questions but I can't find them here. What can I do?


No problem - you can find a full list of any questions you might have on eBelia in our downloadable PDF here.

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