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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment issues

Why is my payment still pending?

Your payment is pending because the merchant hasn't settled the payment yet. This could take up to a maximum of 10 calendar days.

During the time a payment is pending, no money has left your account yet. We simply set the money aside from your balance so you've enough money to pay when the merchant collects the payment. When that happens, your payment will change from Pending to Settled.

If the merchant hasn't taken any action after a maximum of 10 calendar days, we'll release the money back to your account.

Why was my payment declined?
Here are some common reasons:

● You've entered the wrong PIN

● You haven't got enough money in your account
● Your card is frozen
● You've hit the daily limit for contactless payments of RM250 (any further transactions will require a pin)

If you're making your first payment, please use Chip & PIN.

I don't recognise a payment / I don't think I made this transaction

Before you do anything else, please freeze your card in-app to keep your money safe.

● Some merchants have a different trading name from their brand name so you might not recognise the transaction at first. You can check this by running a Google search.
● Please check with your friends and family to see if they've made this payment.
● If you've been charged for a purchase you've not made, contact the merchant to find out what you've been charged for.

If you're sure you've not made this payment, chat with us in-app so we can investigate it.

I've been charged twice for the same payment

Please check if the status of the duplicate transaction is Settled.

● If not, the duplicate transaction will be pending for up to a maximum of 10 calendar days and then the money will be released back to your account after.
● If yes, reach out to the merchant to understand why you've been charged twice.

If you're still having problems, please chat with us in-app.

My transaction was cancelled but the money has not been refunded

Once the merchant has cancelled your payment, you'll receive your refund after a maximum of 10 calendar days. If you haven't received your money by then, please chat with us in-app and we'll look into it.

I was charged an incorrect amount

Please reach out to the merchant to arrange a refund. If you're facing issues, chat with us in-app so we can help you.

I didn't get the goods or services I paid for

Please reach out to the merchant to check on the delivery of your goods or services. If you've trouble resolving the issue, chat with us in-app so we can help you.

The merchant doesn't accept my BigPay card

You will be able to use your BigPay card at Mastercard & Visa merchants worldwide. However, certain merchants may impose additional security features that limit/block prepaid cards.

We're actively working with merchants to fix this so you can use your BigPay card with them. Let us know which merchant it is by chatting with us in-app.

I was charged RM200 for petrol when the actual amount of my transaction was less. Can I get a refund?

This is normal. The petrol station has made a pre-authorisation charge to validate your BigPay card. Don't worry, you’ll get your money back in 3-4 days.

To avoid the charge next time, pay directly at the cashier, not at the self-service pump.

I didn't receive my OTP

Check if you have entered the correct mobile number and your mobile has network coverage.


Otherwise, reach out to your telco to find out if you can receive SMS from 62000 or 66688.


Can I use my BigPay card onboard AirAsia flights?

You can only pay for items onboard AirAsia with a credit card. No debit cards and prepaid cards are supported as a payment method during an AirAsia flight.

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