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Frequently Asked Questions

Bill Payments

How do I check if my biller is supported by BigPay?

You can search for your biller from our comprehensive list of billers here


Are there any charges for bill payment transactions?


Paying your bills with BigPay is absolutely free.


Can I pay multiple bills in one single transaction?


No, you will need to pay one bill at a time.


Are there any limits (daily/weekly/monthly) for bill payments?


Every biller has their own specified minimum and maximum payment amount as well as number of transactions allowed daily.


Please refer to “Bill Specific Rules” in our downloadable Biller Appendix here, or search for your biller on the search bar above for more information.

Where can I view my bill payment transactions?


You can view your bill payment transaction history on your BigPay app's Home Screen under the "Utilities" category, or search for your transaction via biller name.


Are all my bill payments processed on the same day?


Every biller has their specific processing time.

Please refer to “Biller Specific Rules” in our downloadable Biller Appendix
here. Alternatively, search for your biller under its respective category on the right, or use the search bar above for more information.


Can I make a scheduled or recurring monthly payments to my bill payments?


BigPay is yet to support scheduled or recurring bill payments - but stay tuned.


Can I set a monthly reminder for myself to pay my bills?


Definitely. A monthly reminder can be set for your specific biller when you’re entering your bill details on your BigPay app.

Can I remove a biller from my list of saved billers?


Yes, you can easily remove a biller from your saved billers list on your BigPay app’s “Select bill” screen. Just swipe left on the biller to be removed, and tap “Delete”.


My biller isn’t supported. When will it be available on BigPay? 


We are working to onboard as many billers as we can on BigPay.


Please stay tuned for updates on new billers. You can also suggest which biller you'd like to see supported at



How many BIG Points do I earn when paying my bills with BigPay?


We love rewarding you for using BigPay. For every RM20 spent on paying bills with the BigPay app. you will be awarded 1 BIG Point.


How do I get a refund if I paid to the wrong account?


Don’t worry, we’re always here to help. To initiate the refund, please chat with us in the app and our customer service team will help you liaise with the biller.


Upon the biller’s approval, we’ll refund the transaction amount into your account.


This process will take at least 7 working days and is subject to the biller’s approval.

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