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Legal Agreements


 Our Statement

As a leading startup in the Malaysian financial technology industry, we are constantly growing to expand our services, capabilities, and our global reach. However, we certainly cannot and will not do this at the expense of the quality of our customer service. Our customers make up the heart of what we do, and are the undoubtedly the driver in our mission to challenge banking across Southeast Asia.


This Customer Charter details our commitment to our customers and the standards by which we will evaluate our services. While it provides a guide to understanding our values as a company, it should be noted that in no way does it represent a legally binding obligation or undertaking.

Our Product

Customer Charter Our Product.PNG




Our customer service serves as the main boulevard for all BigPay related queries and issues.

However if you were not able to 
get the desired results, you can also try reaching out to Bank Negara Malaysia or Ombudsman for Financial Services (OFS) below.


Bank Negara Malaysia

Peti Surat 10922

50929 Kuala Lumpur

1 300 88 5465

+603 2174 1515 (Fax)

Ombudsman for Financial Services

+603 2272 2811 or


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