BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic

1 card for your travel needs


BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic is a physical card that comes with a string of travel related benefits – from booking flight tickets on to the actual trip. It carries a card limit of RM10,000, so you can preload the card to up to RM10,000 for instore or online purchases. It is a safe and convenient alternative way to carrying your holiday travel money while controlling your expenses because you can’t spend more than the money you have in the card!


Note: Personal identification documents (i.e. MyKad or Passport) and utility bill are required for BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic application. Card processing will take 14 days.




Earn AirAsia BIG Points when you swipe your BIG Prepaid MasterCard overseas (RM2 = 1 AirAsia BIG Point).
Use the AirAsia BIG Points earned to redeem for free AirAsia flights and hotel stays!



Joining Fee:

RM10.00 refundable upon a minimum top-up of RM50.00

Annual Fee:

Waived unconditionally

Account Service Fee:

RM2.50 per month for inactive account where there is no Card Transaction in a particular month

ATM Withdrawal Fee:

(Applicable to the BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic only)

Local: RM6.00 per transaction
Overseas: RM10.00 per transaction or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher

SMS Notification Fee
("SMS Alert Service"):

First month free*, thereafter RM0.20 per SMS (only if Cardmember opts to take up this service)
*Free SMS in the first month will initially be charged to the card. Charges will be refunded on the 30th day from the date of card activation.

Currency Conversion Fee:

(Applied when a purchase is effected in currencies other than Malaysian Ringgit​)
1% + network charges

Cross-Border Transaction Fee:

(Applied when the purchase is through merchant acquired outside of Malaysia but charged in Ringgit Malaysia
0.5% + network charges

Replacement Card Fee:

(Only applicable for Card replacement request made by Cardmember. Not applicable if due to defect of chip or Card)

RM20.00 per card

Card Cancellation Fee:


Sales Draft Retrieval Fee:

RM15.00 per sales draft

Reload/Top-Up Charges*:

(Reload charges are levied by our respective partners)
1. Online

  • CIMB Clicks
    (Transaction will be credited immediately)
    Free for AirAsia Savers Account; RM0.50 per reload/top-up for Other Savings and Current Account

  • FPX (Financial Process Exchange)
    (Transaction will be credited within 48 to 72 hours) 
    RM0.70 per reload/top-up

2. CIMB ATM or Cash Deposit Machine
(Transaction will be credited within 48 to 72 hours)
Subject to the fee charged by the respective banks

3. Over-The-Counter at BSN or CIMB
(Transaction will be credited within 48 to 72 hours)
RM2.00 per reload/top-up

NOTE: All fees and charges imposed are subject to 6% GST charge. All fees and charges imposed are as approved by Bank Negara. In any case that any applicable fees (including, but not limited to Account Service Fees for any dormant account) is not charged to the Cardholder's Card Account for that particular transaction or month, TPaay Asia Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Tune Money Sdn Bhd) reserves the right to deduct it from the Cardholder's Card Account once there is sufficient balance.