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Do it all, and then more with the BigPay card

A striking blue card recognised worldwide

Card_hero img.png

Your BigPay account comes with Visa or Mastercard that is accepted by 40 million merchants in the world! Use it for all your payments, offline and online.

Losing your card doesn’t have to make you panic

Card_banner img.png

Lost your card? Simply “freeze” it in your BigPay app and order a new one if you can’t find it. No stress.

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Your BigPay card works like a debit card, so don’t worry about getting into an overdraft and paying excessive fees.

You can’t overspend 😉

With contactless payments, you just need to tap and pay. Faster than scanning a QR code.

Pay in under a second

Get your BigPay in 5 minutes


Based in Singapore? Sign up with MyInfo via Singpass now!

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