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Just BigPay it!
Watch your transactions happen in seconds!

Payments and transfers made easier with DuitNow.
Now on BigPay!

DuitNow is finally on BigPay!

DuitNow QR on BigPay

Go cashless with DuitNow and BigPay.


Make payments and transfers in seconds with just one QR code.

Psst! Also earn up to 3x airasia points when you just BigPay it!

DuitNow Transfers on BigPay

Just BigPay your friends la! With DuitNow transfers, you have a convenient way to send and receive money instantly with all participating banks and eWallets.

Sending money has never been easier when your transactions happen in seconds! 

Using DuitNow on BigPay

How to use DuitNow QR on BigPay
Duitnow QR howto
How to use DuitNow Transfers on BigPay
Duitnow transfer how to
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Ready to see your transactions happen in seconds?
Then get BigPay!

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