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Your money on your mobile

We believe banking should be accessible to everyone, no matter their age, occupation or nationality. That’s why we’ve built a money app that genuinely puts the customers’ needs at the centre. We focus on transparency, low fees and secure technology.


Free to get, free to keep.


And it’s working

Thousands of people are downloading BigPay every day. What you need to get started? A smartphone and local mobile number.

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Our Core Pillars



We work hard to keep our customers and their money secure. The safety and security of our customers’ accounts are our top priority. We follow a strict set of rules set by regulatory agencies in every single country we operate in.



Everybody should have access to fair financial services, in all transparency and with no hidden fees.



Finance should always be seamless, never frustrating. We believe in making every experience jargon-free and friction-free, so that money management can actually be enjoyable one day.



Your problems are our problems, as it should be. We strive to answer questions as fast as best we can.

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BigPay Serves...



We want to make the world a smaller, cheaper place

Say goodbye to money changers: BigPay gives you the real exchange rates, anywhere in the world. On top of that, we make AirAsia flights even cheaper.

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Conscious spenders

BigPay gives you the perfect card for day-to-day spending. Our in-app analytics tool lets you take control of budgeting and spending like no other app out there. Did we mention effortless, beautiful statements?



Getting a local bank card shouldn’t be so hard

But getting your BigPay card is super easy. It takes 5 minutes from the moment you download the app to get the card sent to your preferred address.

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Online shoppers

No special conditions or long application process

We’ve taken banks’ long application process and made it as simple as possible. We’re taking the financial worries away so you can focus on the rest.



A free account, with better perks than your parents’

We’ve made sending and receiving money as easy as using Snapchat. Plus, you’re never too young to get better at monies - especially if it involves free flights.



Tracking your expenses shouldn’t be a full-time job

BigPay automatically tracks all your expenses for you, and you can separate your personal spendings from your business’. We help you stay on top of your payments.

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